La voie verte Pyrénées Cathares à vélo électrique

Lover of wide open spaces and nature, I spend my free time walking on the hiking trails of the Pyrenees. Big fan of roaming, I love sleeping in the mountains and waking up to the sound of the silence of our summits. I also love ski touring, climbing and good little Ariège dishes ... especially cheese-based!

La voie verte Pyrénées Cathares à vélo électrique

The Cathar Pyrenees greenway by electric bike

What is the green lane? The Cathar Pyrenees greenway is above all the story of the railway and the industrialization of Ariège. From 1903, this railway line was put into service to link the Hers valley, industrialized, to Pamiers and Bram, which are connected to the main tracks […]

Le Tour des Pérics en duo

The Tour des Pérics in duo

In June 2020, we decided to leave at 2, roaming on hiking trails and in semi-autonomy. All this in the Pyrenees! We thought for a moment about what we wanted to do as a roaming trip: part of the GR10, part of the chemin des bonshommes. Then finally we turned to the Tour […]

Kick of ❤️ Parcourez l’Ariège à travers ses légendes mystiques

Explore the Ariège through its mystical legends

They are mysterious, enchanting, astonishing and legendary our lands in Ariège… The places are full of stories to enrich the imagination of all. From witches to elves and monsters, each place holds a secret passed down in the streets of villages by the elders, from generation to generation… Here is a selection of mythical and mystical legends […]

Visite du château de Montségur, grand site Occitanie

Visit of Montségur castle, a large Occitanie site

Some places do not need long descriptions: Montségur is one of them. You will not come out indifferent to this experience to live in the heart of a warm and bewitching Ariège, that's for sure. Montségur is quite simply a unique, grandiose, unforgettable place. I will take you to discover the Cathars for a historic day! THE FIRST POINT […]

Vol en parapente au dessus de Montségur

Paragliding flight over Montségur

I've been wandering around Ariège and the Pyrenees for several years, looking for more unusual, moving, more beautiful spots than the next! There is one that particularly marked me in Ariège… the castle of Montségur. Go find out why. There are places like this, there […]

Balade en chiens de traîneau made in Ariège

Dog sled ride made in Ariège

Fancy a getaway worthy of a trip to Quebec? Do you want to experience real emotions and enjoy an incredible feeling of freedom? You have to try the dog sled rides with Angaka on the beille plateau, like me! Am I telling you all this? The reservation: do it in advance As a birthday present, I had […]

Les bains du couloubret en après-ski

The couloubret baths in après-ski

In December, we tested the Bains du Couloubret, a very cold Sunday after a good day skiing at Ax-3-Domaines. We finally took care of us! We took the time to have a good time, to relax! And THE ideal solution for that in Ariège is indeed an outing to […]

Sur les pistes de ski d’Ax-3-Domaines

On the ski slopes of Ax-3-Domaines

This year with our friends, we wanted to test the Ax 3 Domaines resort! Why Ax? For its ease of access for Toulouse residents, the extent of its slopes, and the splendid view of the peaks! For me, who has not been skiing for a long time, it was ideal (a lot of blue and red slopes), and for the others, it was perfect […]