The department of Ariège is rich in adventures! But did you know that in addition to its activities in the water or in the air, you can also go underground? In effect, the network of the department is gigantic ! There are a thousand and one caves to explore.

And what better than a caving outing with a pro for total immersion in the bowels of the earth ? I tested for you an underground exit to the cave of Siech?

Let's go for the adventure!

Less than an hour and a half from Toulouse, in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees, we went to Saurat where, camouflaged in an incredible setting, the discreet cave of Siech. It was a first for us so we were super attentive to all the details given by our guide, Nicolas, who knows the underground world like the back of his hand!

We have the superb waterproof suits, safety boots, helmet and headlamp ? (and yes, it's all dark in there!) and off we go to reach the entrance to the cave.

We quickly see a “hole” which has nothing to do with the tourist cave entrances that we know. To tell the truth, we are very surprised. Our curiosity is definitely tickled, what will we discover surprising inside?

A whole world

After setting foot in the cave, you quickly realize one thing: the silence is almost perfect. Almost, because you can hear a few drops of water here and there or even the beating of the bats' wings. It's soothing and strange at the same time.

We begin the progression in the cave and here we are already facing the beauty of the concretions. Nicolas takes the time to explain to us how the cave was formed, how long the stalagmites or stalactites took to appear... We really appreciated the pedagogy of our guide who knows perfectly how to popularize scientific language and to put within reach of all his knowledge. He was also able to reassure the members of the group who were apprehensive about practicing the activity, a relationship of total trust was then established.

Explanations of the guide ©S.Meurisse – Ariège Pyrénées

The exploration of the cave is going wonderfully. VSt is an incredible place where you completely disconnect from the surface of the earth. For the immersion to be total, we are invited to turn off our headlamps for a few moments, and there, the magic happens. It's total darkness and it's dizzying! All our senses are on the lookout, we have the impression of having super sonic hearing, a more sensitive sense of smell and we feel even more the very pleasant coolness of the cave. 

After this parenthesis, we take action! To get to certain areas of the cave We had to squat, crawl, sometimes even pass through the water! It was very nice to experience and it adds a sporty side to the outing. When you see the landscapes of the cave then you say to yourself that it was well worth doing some acrobatics! Lhe underworld is like no other. We discover during our exploration that there are many living species that inhabit the cave, it was exciting!

Back down to earth

Siech mars 2015 - groupe en visite ©Vincent Guinot

After three hours of discoveries impressive it's time to get out of the cave. We did not see the time passing, everything was perfect. The shock of returning to earth is indescribable, the light comes back to us and the heat too!

We take the time to discuss again with Nicolas about caving and all that it still has to teach us, it is a most fascinating universe.

Photo: visit to the Siech cave ©Vincent Guinot.

One thing is certain, we will live a new experience in the bowels of the earth and perhaps even learn about abseiling in it, business to follow?

Did you know ?

Some service providers in Ariège offer to do underground bivouac! Yes, yes, did you read that right? An unusual moment to live with family or friends who can remember the DeepTime experience which took place in the cave of Lombrives in 2021.

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Caving and exploring the underground world in complete safety is possible in Ariège Pyrénées! An extraordinary, sensational and sometimes disconcerting activity, caving takes you to unknown lands, in search of various concretions formed by the effect of water on rocks: stalactites, stalagmites, columns… A fun approach with a […]

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