Come and enjoy this magnificent shaded park ...

The Thermal Park of Teich, shaded by centuries-old Sequoias, is the most pleasant for a picnic break or a moment of rest.

A course allows you to discover the different tree species: Spruce, Black pine ...

Come and discover the magnificent sculpture of the Teich park, here is its story: a giant sequoia in the park was sick, it took several days to cut down this more than a hundred-year-old tree which has seen so many generations of Axeans pass by. Part of the trunk was preserved and tested to see if it was possible to sculpt it. In order to give it a second life, the Town Hall of Ax-les-Thermes called on Nicolas Dorange, initially a lumberjack and forester, who drew up his project for the "Axean Totem".
It was a great first for him to work with a sequoia. 22 days to complete this artistic work under a blazing sun, a few storms and the amazed gazes of passers-by.
Nicolas Dorange leaves us a monumental work of which the colors change according to the daylight.


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Equipments and Services


  • Playground for children
  • Picnic tables
  • Access for disabled


  • Pet Friendly