The most spectacular intermittent fountain in the world, known since antiquity. For most of the year, the fountain is constantly flowing.

On the other hand, in period of low water, one fine day, it suddenly becomes intermittent by a phenomenon of rhythmic and regular variations of the flow.
The complete cycle takes about 60-90 minutes. Fewer than thirty intermittency phenomena have been identified worldwide.
The intermittence of the fountain has never been fully explained because divers have never succeeded in raising the siphon which causes the phenomenon.
The legend: the cave, now obstructed, gave access to a sumptuous residence where the encantados lived, fairies who, at nightfall, washed their laundry in the spring, with golden beaters....

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Cathar Pyrenees

Located to the east of Ariège, on the border of the Aude, this territory, labeled "Country of Art and History", revolves around [...]

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