Winter has a big place in our life. We live close to several resorts in the Ariège Pyrenees and have therefore been regularly on the boards since we were little. We love the snowy landscapes of Ariège, its still virgin and unspoiled nature, its special atmosphere and the feeling of freedom that we all seek. Since we have a child, we approach the mountain from another angle but the sensations and the activities remain exceptional moments!
I have concocted for you a TO DO LIST of things to do with a child under 6 in Ariège Pyrénées in winter! Tested and approved by our child himself! ?

An introduction to skiing of course!

From 3 years old you can put your little one on the boards. He will quickly discover the pleasure of skiing! In the Ariège ski resorts, the ski schools have spaces adapted for the little ones: snow gardens, kindergartens, club piou piou … Supervised by professional instructors, your child will evolve with other children of his age in a completely new and fun environment.

His first moments of skiing were a mixture of excitement, stress, pride and then intense pleasure. After a few sessions we could already hear: “Mum, I want to ski with the grown-ups”! It promises ! ^^ You can find all the practical information of the courses supervised by the ski school instructors !

Crazy toboggan runs

A great classic, sledding is the ideal activity to have a good time with the family. We tested several toboggan runs in Ariège: Ax-3-Domaines, Guzet or even at the Beille plateau to name a few! Regularly groomed, free to access and secure, they are ideal.

Our favorite is without a doubt that of Prat Matou in Guzet! Small by its size but large by its landscape, it is so imbued with nature! We did dozens and dozens of descents! A pure treat!

Of course, you can also go sledding in wilder places with no one around! You just need a little slope, snow and above all a lot of caution! For example, we love going to the Col de Port. This spot is quite well known by families, but I find it really nice ... especially because there is the Auberge de la Sapinière where we feast around a chocolate and a share of blueberry pie.

A horse-drawn Sled ride

Would you like a little tour in a fairy tale? At the Beille plateau we set off to explore the snowy landscapes comfortably installed in a sled, pulled by beautiful black meren horses. A magical & magical experience straight from a disney movie! Nature is beautiful there, the calm and the white gold on the trees give a feeling of freedom and escape. We feasted ! Special mention to our guide who told us and taught us a thousand and one things about the surrounding nature and the merens horse!

Ps: Take a walk in the northern village of Angaka! It feels like Lapland!

  • Adult (from 12 years old): 17 €
  • Child (3 to 11 years old): 12€
  • Free for children under 3

A snowshoe hike

Regularly we go for a walk and snowshoeing. What we like: immersing yourself in the heart of peaceful landscapes. We do not do long day trips yet but we leave at the end of the morning to go for a picnic in a sunny place to enjoy the good weather, breathe the fresh air and spend some time together. With small snowshoes adapted to his size, he can move around freely! A treat for him who discovers the immensity and the powers of snow! You can rent snowshoes for the whole family in the shops of equipment rental.

a dog-Sledding tour

Dogs, a musher and the children. It's almost the title of a movie that you watch snuggled up on the sofa by the fire with a steaming cup of hot chocolate! We decided to surprise our son and go from fiction to reality.

Head to the snow-capped mountains for an original adventure! When we arrived we heard the dogs howling. They are stamping with impatience. They are only waiting for one thing: to go for a run on the vast snow-covered expanses. They are really all more beautiful than the others.

After some explanations, it's time to take a seat in the sled and go, the dogs start to run. The feeling is incredible! We who thought that it would be a little "flat plan", we take full eyes in front of the immaculate landscapes and full face! Is that saying something? Dogs are energetic and run so fast that they throw snow at us! By the way, a little advice: don't forget your sunglasses or your ski mask!

The walk was a real pleasure and a great discovery for all of us. We breathed fresh air, discovered new sensations and shared moments of complicity. Between us… but also with the dogs at the end of the walk. Don't we say that the dog is man's best friend ?!

Building an igloo and snowmen

Indispensable activity of this to do list: the snowman! Above all, don't forget the carrot or use a big imagination if you don't want to have black eyes!

Like building a cabin in summer, build an igloo is an activity that will definitely motivate your children! It is real teamwork. Everyone participates, from the youngest to the oldest. The necessary equipment: fresh and sticky snow, a shovel and suitable equipment to keep you from the cold!

Finally, two essential and essential activities to end the day beauty:

  • The traditional snow fight


  • The pancake and hot chocolate to warm up and rest after this busy day!




Adventurer at heart, I am a born globetrotter! In addition to traveling the 4 corners of the world, I like to walk in the valleys dear to my heart: those of Couserans. Attending a transhumance, a festival, buying my cheese directly from the producers or at the Saint-Girons market are some of my favorite moments.

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